Weekend of music left me Frazzled!!!

Heartless BastardsHeartless Bastards at the Southgate House Revival

Wow! What a crazy weekend. The weekend can be summed up in three words – Bastards, Funk and  Fun.

Friday started off with my first trip to the new Southgate House Revival to check out the Austin-based (formerly from Cincinnati) and Downtown Dayton Revival alumni band the Heartless Bastards (and opening band Dead Confederate).

First let me say that I loved almost everything about the venue. It is a refurbished old church with original stained-glass and a sanctuary for music. The lighting conditions are tough for photography, but I look forward to going back anyway.

The opener was hard-driving (and very loud) rock band Dead Confederate. Although not my normal cup of tea, they definitely had the crowd banging their heads along with the band.

The venue filled up (the show was sold out) for local favorite Heartless Bastards. The band did not disappoint their loyal fans with their blend of folksy, bluesy rock. I saw many who were all giddy to see this band and most were coming back for the second night of the run.

I did not get to stay for the whole show, but from what I have heard the band did not disappoint. I then scurried over to catch the last couple of acts at the Madison Theater in Covington, Ky., where Frazzle Town (billed as a one-night winter music festival) was in full effect.

Magic JacksonMagic Jackson at Frazzle Town

I was fortunate to catch the super-funky Magic Jackson tearing the roof off the sucka’. Although my weekend was filled with great music, this set was my favorite as I found myself bouncing with my photo gear.

Magic Jackson was followed by host SassafraZ. The Cincinnati-based funk and hip-hop band brought a strong, but mellow-ish set to the delight of the festival-goers. I always enjoy the way the band blends rap sensibilities into a funky bassline and brass section. Really a great mix.

On top of all of that, a few people took me up on my previous suggestions and said hello. I met some new like-minded friends and expect to see a lot of them along the way.


Cincinnati Entertainment Awards

The weekend did not end there. On Sunday, I got the privilege of shooting the 16th Annual Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. What a fun night! Where else can you go to one place and see so many friends and talented musicians AND get to celebrate their accomplishments.

During the show, there were some great acts I had never seen before (but will again), some friends winning awards (yay Cliftones, Bufalo Killers and Chakras), and a general appreciation for music and talent.

All in all I am still basking in the glow of a great weekend.


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