Grateful for a weekend filled with musical diversity!!!

Dark Star OrchestraDark Star Orchestra – Madison Theater – Feb. 8, 2013 – Covington, Ky.

Wow! Another crazy music and photography filled weekend.

My musical journey began Friday night with a masterful trip through time to experience the music of the Grateful Dead presented by tribute band Dark Star Orchestra. Tribute band does not do DSO justice. This band brings out the joyful feeling of sunshine, along with the Dead fans and their patchouli-scented hippie-ness that reminds me of summer concerts.

The crowds definitely came out in droves for the sold-out show in northern Kentucky. This made for a fun show, but terrible photography conditions as I constantly felt bad about bumping into others to try to get the shot.

Regardless, I had a great time and my highlight was definitely the opening combination of Help>Slipknot>Franklin’s Tower.

As my show buddy Jim said during the beginning of Franklin’s, “How can anyone listen to this song and not smile?” I couldn’t agree more.

Saturday took me in a totally different direction as I had a planned publicity photo shoot with the up-and-coming Dayton band Good English.

We had a good time creating sets and styles in the fourth floor of Hauer Music. I cannot wait to finish working these images and really hope the band enjoys what we have done. I definitely cannot thank the beautiful Rasmussen sisters and their mother enough for the fun shoot.

On Sunday, I saw a wide range of music from bluegrass to instrumentally enhanced, electronic dance music. Strange bedfellows, I admit, but still made for a great night.

It started with dinner and a set of bluegrass at The Comet where I checked out the Comet Bluegrass All-Stars. They were missing their fiddle player Ed, which does change their sound, but still was a nice set. The “Ed-less Horsemen” as they dubbed themselves are a fun band who plays every Sunday night in Northside. Well worth a trip there if you enjoy bluegrass.

Big GiganticBig Gigantic – Brick Street – Feb. 10, 2013 – Oxford, Ohio

I then took a leisurely drive to Oxford to visit the old stomping grounds at Miami University. Electro-dance band Big Gigantic were making what I would call a shocking stop on their tour in Oxford. The band took the stage at 10:55 p.m. at Brick Street (formerly First Run) on High Street.

The Boulder, Colo.-based duo killed it again (the fourth time in six months I have seen them). The show was fun, but reminded me of the things I both loved and hated about Miami.

Loves: Miami women
Hates: Miami frat boys especially after they have consumed large amounts of alcohol. Oddly, I don’t get as upset with the Miami women consuming large amounts of alcohol.

The highlights of this show were many for me. The simple fact that Oxford was hosting music was really a boon. The light show that Big Gigantic puts together always makes for fun photography, the way the crowd bounces to the catchy Big G tunes that seriously stick with you for days, and Big G’s take on Aloe Blacc’s hit “I Need a Dollar.”

Overall, this was another amazing chapter to my quest for all things music.

For images from the Dark Star Orchestra show, click here.
For images of the Big Gigantic show, click here.

Dark Star Orchestra
02-08-13 – Madison Theater – Covington, Ky.
I: China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider ; Beat It On Down The Line ; When Push Comes To Shove ; Never Trust A Woman ; Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again ; *Who Was John? ; Hell In A Bucket ; Cats Under The Stars ; Box Of Rain
II: Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin’s Tower ; Man Smart (Woman Smarter) ; Unbroken Chain > drums > space > So Many Roads > I Need A Miracle > Hey Jude > Casey Jones
E: Mister Charlie ; Brokedown Palace
Notes: *First time played


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