Music and photography – two of my favorite things

Good English

This week’s musical journey started early in the week with a President’s Day show with Good English at the South Park Tavern in Dayton.

I have photographed this band in several different elements over the past six months, and each of them have brought me joy.

My most recent experience was a Monday night show where for the first time, I believe the Rasmussen sisters are starting to find their sound… and it was definitely good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.

Good English put a fair number of their recently recorded songs on display much to the crowds approval. These rocking songs showed off Leslie solid time-keeping drumming, Celia’s stoic and steady bass-lines and Liz’s raspy rock-gurrrl vocals.

I enjoyed every minute. (Even when Celia’s bass amp died midway through the last song.)

This band is on its way and has even booked a festival in Austin in April.

The rest of the week was slow musically for me, but will be picking up tonight as I have a couple of events planned.

This evening I will be attending a meet-up of Ohio music photographers at Arnold’s, where hopefully, we will swap stories, ideas and build on already loose friendships through our love for photography and music.

After the photography forum, I am planning on hitting The Drinkery in Over the Rhine to catch the CD release party for the DAAP Girls – a hot new Cincinnati band.

Should be a fun night.


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