Girls, Girls, Girl

DAAP GirlsDAAP Girls at The Drinkery in Cincinnati, Ohio

This week’s installment is very late in terms of reviews and very slow in terms of new music adventures.

BUT, just because I am a bit late in my show review does not mean I am not excited to report on the DAAP Girls Album Release Party.

Last week was a big week for the DAAP Girls as they were announced on the Bunbury Music Festival lineup and released their album on Friday. I joined the party at The Drinkery (amazingly my first time there) in Over the Rhine in Cincinnati for Cincinnati’s hottest new band. The fun began with a unique slap bracelet download given to everyone as they came into the venue.

The pre-promotion and the buzz about the band’s Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best New Artist seemed to work as the house was packed and made it difficult to navigate from the front to the back of the bar.

Archer’s Paradox kicked off the festivities with a nice set that kept drawing more and more people in for the show. I enjoyed there rockin’ style and was definitely a nice intro to the main event.

On a side note, I enjoyed seeing the full house and seeing a lot of familiar faces (from other fans and bands) coming out to show support for the DAAP Girls.

Once the DAAP Girls (Stuart MacKenzie, Jay and Alex Duckworth, Richard Sherman and Daniel Peterson) took the stage, you were basically locked into the place you were standing because of the crowd. The band launched into a lot of their new songs including the catchy “Kate” (already a crowd favorite thanks to Facebook promotion).

I personally really like the band’s Indie rock sound and downloaded the album the next day. I would recommend it to anyone who is into the Indie sound and everyone hitting up Bunbury should check out their set.

To see more images from the show, click here.

My week did not include seeing any more live shows, but I did get a chance to interview “The Dub-Step Violinist” Lindsey Stirling for Active Dayton. Stirling will be playing the 20th Century Theater in Cincinnati on March 13, and anyone familiar with her work would say this show should not be missed. Check out the review in Active Dayton next week.

Check out her videos on her YouTube channel Lindseystomp, or watch this one here.

I will be hitting that show and hope others will come out and say hello.

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