REVIEW: Tegan and Sara show opened my eyes (and ears) to new music

Tegan and SaraTegan and Sara at the LC Pavilion in Columbus

This review is a week late … but hopefully worth the wait.

First off, I had heard of Tegan and Sara, but had never heard their music. When I arrived at the Lifestyles Community Pavilion, it seemed like I was the only person in Columbus who had never heard of this dynamic duo from Canada. The line outside the venue stretched at least four blocks around the building.

When the doors did finally open around 8 p.m., people stormed in and ran to the front of the venue in order to get a chance at the rail positions.

DIANADIANA at the LC Pavilion in Columbus

The early-bird crowd got a glimpse at another Canadian band DIANA, whose Indie sounds were reminiscent of the headlining act. Lead singer Carmen Elle commanded the stage and at one quiet moment was asked by the mostly female crowd to take off her pants (which she off-handedly rebuked).

I really enjoyed their sound and the crowd was definitely into their sound.

There was a short break between bands, but the crowd began to get restless and began cheering to get the headliners out.

Tegan and Sara took the stage by storm. The lights, although difficult for photography, created a dynamic stage effect for the identical twin sisters – Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin.

The pair’s set effortlessly intermingled old tunes with some of their newer songs. You could hear the subtle changes as the band’s sound has kind of evolved more from Indie rock to more of a pop sound. The highlight was, of course, near the end of the show when the band played their radio hit Closer.

Overall, this is not really my natural scene, but I found myself hearing a couple of their tunes in my head over the next few days. And I would absolutely recommend checking them out if you haven’t already.

The Canadian band will be coming back around to open for fun. at the Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati this summer.

Tegan and SaraTegan and Sara



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