Lasers, jammin’ and fun! Oh my!!!


On New Year’s Eve, I was excited to see Jahman Brahman – who once again was a band I had heard of but never experienced live. They did not disappoint. I enjoyed their full sound and was definitely getting down in the photo pit.

I knew I had to pace myself to save energy for what I was expecting to be a serious throwdown by The Werks on NYE. I wandered the Newport and explored the balcony and artis area while taking in the DJ work of Heady Ruxpin. As an aside – I am constantly amazed by the amazing talent not only of the musicians, but of the artists and fans at these shows.

I found myself back on the floor for the beginning of The Werks first set. You could tell from note one that this was going to be a serious party. My first set highlight was the set closers Better then Before into Duck Farm, but I didn’t even want a break.

The band took a very short break and came back on with about three minutes till 2013. Dino Dimitrouleas, Rob Chafin and Chris Houser led the chatter up until the countdown commenced and the band went into the traditional Auld Lang Syne, then straight into OG.

My favorite moment happened during this set when lighting director Jim Dewey channeled Metallica by fronting For Whom the Bell Tolls.

The other highlight for many was when the original Werks lineup from 2007 – Houser, Chuckie Love, Dave Bartoletti and Chafin cam together for Sane.

Overall, two days of bliss from The Werks and Friends. Once again the boys showed me what others are just beginning to find out. This band is on its way to the top!!!

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The Werks
The Newport Music Hall, Columbus, Ohio

Set I
Going Round,
Plain White Toast,
Better Than Before>
Duck Farm.

Set II
NYE Countdown>
Auld Lang Syne>
For Whom The Bell Tolls>*%$
E: Shakedown Street.&

* With John Gentry Jr. on guitar.
% First time played.
$ With Lighting Director Jim Dewey on vocals.
@ With Chuck Love on bass.
^ With Dave Bartoletti on Keys with Norman Dimitrouleas.
# The original Werks lineup from 2007 Chris Houser, Chuck Love, Dave Bartoletti, Rob Chafin.
& 2001 and Spiritualized teases.


Werkin’ in the New Year!!!

The Werks

This review is a little delayed, but the amazing music by The Werks and Friends was immediately found both nights in Columbus Dec. 30-31.

I caught the tail end of a great set of Phish music by tribute band Oh Kee Pa that got me shaking and missing my School of Phish friends in New York.

That yearning didn’t last too long as Cosby Sweater took the stage. To be honest, I had heard of the band, but had not heard their sound. I loved their set and was seriously mesmerized by the saxophone in the trio. I will certainly be seeing the Indianapolis-based band again soon.

The great tunes kept on coming when Cincinnati-based band SassafraZ threw down the funk. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you need to venture down to the Cincinnati area on Jan. 25. Say hi to me while you’re there.

All of these great openers just built up the energy for when headliner The Werks stormed the stage. The Dayton-based band did not disappoint. Their beautifully woven jams filled the great room at the Newport Music Hall, and the band has never sounded better.

The highlight for me was when John Arthur Gentry Jr. joined the band on-stage and he and Chris Houser’s dueling guitars exploded into Umphrey McGee’s Mulches Odyssey.

Even after the Onslaught (closing tune), The Werks and Friends weren’t finished. They encored with a full set of improvised music conducted by Matt Butler of the Everyone Orchestra. Joined by members of SassafraZ, Jahman Brahman, Gentry Jr., Oh Kee Pa and others, Butler took the talented musicians (and crowd) on an emotional trip – including laughter. A great end to a great first night.

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The Werks
The Newport Music Hall, Columbus, Ohio

Galactic Passport,
Burnin’ Groove,*
Mulches Odyssey,$
Hard To Find,
Better Half,

* with Jack Gould on sax.
# For Whom The Bell Tolls teases.
$ with John Gentry on guitar. First time played